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About Installment Loans

Everyone knows that terrible feeling when something totally unexpected crops up and you need cash fast. This happens to everyone at one time or another and it is good to understand your options when this happens. Installment loans may be the answer to your problem. This can get you cash quickly and efficiently. Life is uncertain and it is good to have options available when the need arises.

Here are some of the basics of an installment loan. They are unsecured,  the loan will accrue interest, often do not require a credit check, may be able to be instantly approved, may be willing to work with bad credit and is normally quick and easy to get.


How an Installment Loan Works


An installment loan is an unsecured loan which means that there is no property or other assets put up to secure the loan if you don’t pay. Secured loans are often for cars or homes thus the property is what secures the loan. Installment loans are unsecured so you do not need to have property or an other asset to put against it. This is a real plus for the borrower because you do not have to prove that the secured property is worth the value of the loan. Unsecured loans are much quicker and easier to get than a secured loan.


When you get an installment loan it will be set up to be paid ny a certain date.  Since these are normally short term loans you will not be paying for years like you do when you have a house payment or a car payment. Installment loans are are normally for a very short term and are paid off fairly quickly.


Installment loans accrue interest for each day you have the loan out. When you are given a payment schedule the interest is figured in. If the payment is not made on time more interest will be due on the unpaid balance for each day the loan remains unpaid. The interest rate will be listed in your loan agreement.


Great Things About Installment Loans


One of the good things about installment loans is that  there are a number of lenders and many will not require a credit check. For anyone who has had some financial difficulty in the past this is a good thing. Bad credit can happen to anyone when unexpected things happen and having a lender who has a no credit check policy is a relief. With a variety of lenders available for installment loans the requirements will be different. For example some of them may be able to give you instant approval. When you need money fast knowing it is on the way to your bank account can be such a relief. With many lenders it is possible to get an instant approval and have the money same day.


An installment loan can be the best way to get a small unsecured short term loan when you need cash quick. Even when these lenders are out of town you can often apply over the phone, internet or at branches. No fax is required to transmit the documents.


The benefits of an installment loan can be summed up as follows:

  • no credit check
  • instant approval
  • unsecured loans
  • small and short term
  • quick
  • same day service
  • can be deposited to your checking account


When you are faced with a situation where you need money fast an installment loan could be the way to go. The basics of how an  installment loan works are pretty simple and easy to understand. When you need a short term solution to a money problem this is the way to get cash fast. Installment loans can be a no fuss way to solving an issue that pops up out of the blue. With the added benefits of instant approval and same day service this is a great service.



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